Plant a Backyard Park in Greenwich

To celebrate the centennial birthday of the National Parks, The Care of Trees wants to help Greenwich residents create their own “backyard parks” that will rival our National Parks and last 100 years or more.

It’s easy to create lush, backyards that conserve natural resources and support local wildlife. And, you don’t have to travel far to experience the beauty of a National Park. With a little planning and regular maintenance, homeowners can create a healthy backyard landscape that will last for 100 years.

The first step in creating a healthy everlasting landscape is to create a plan. Spring and fall are the best times to plant in Greenwich.

Large-canopied trees like sugar maple, European beech and red oak grow best in the northeast’s climate.

Copper beech grows incredibly large and is well suited for properties that span more than five acres. When its sturdy branches are filled with leaves, it provides shade all season long.

When determining the best species for a home, homeowners should consider energy saving benefits of trees as well.

Deciduous trees, those that drop their leaves in fall, planted at the west and east lower summer air-conditioning costs as they help block the sun. Evergreen trees can block prevailing winter winds and help save on heating costs when planted on the north and northwest sides of the property.

Choose diverse species of trees that will provide seasonal interest for your yard. Layered landscapes are proven to stand the test of time and help trees withstand diseases.

To create a layered landscape, start by planting summer flowering ornamental trees and layer upward with tall maples and winter evergreens.

Maintenance is the key to creating an everlasting backyard park. Greenwich has received little rainfall this summer, so treatments like deep root watering and deep root feeding go a long way in ensuring trees don’t lose their luster over time.

10 Reasons to Plant a Backyard Park in Greenwich:

  • Trees clean the air and produce oxygen: trees act as giant filters that clean the air we breathe.
  • Trees are nature’s sunscreen: trees are just as good a hat or sunglasses in protecting us from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Trees slow storm water runoff: flooding is dramatically reduced by planting an urban forest.
  • Trees fight soil erosion: tree roots bind the soil and their leaves break the force of wind and rain.
  • Trees control noise pollution: trees muffle urban noise almost as effectively as a stone wall.
  • Trees are carbon sinks: They absorb excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and release oxygen back into the air.
  • Trees increase curb appeal: A well-manicured landscape that includes trees can increase property values by as much as 15percent.
  • Trees shade and cool: Large deciduous trees planted on the east, west, and northwest sides of your home create soothing shade from the sun and reduce air conditioning costs by up to 35%.
  • Trees bring people together: Community trees are vital to community health, and tree-lined streets are proven to draw more people outside.
  • Trees reduce crime: Studies prove that trees reduce instances of domestic violence and foster a sense of community.

The best place to start is with a free consultation from a professional arborist. Call The Care of Trees for a free onsite inspection today.

Jeremiah Green is the District Manager of The Care of Trees Stamford, a Davey Company, which serves Greenwich, Old Greenwich and the surrounding area.


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