STEAM Night at Cos Cob School


STEAM Night, an evening where students, parents, and teachers get together to explore the Magic of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) will be held on Wednesday, April 27, from 5:30-8:30 p.m., at Cos Cob School. Event includes hands-on activities for all ages and interests.


The evening includes two performances by Mario the Magician, a New York based magician “known for his dedication to the Maker Movement and STEAM/STEM initiatives and his clever and refreshing integration of DIY electronics and robotics into his performance.” Performances are free but registration for one of the shows is required. Check out his website at to learn more about him.

3 Little Pigs: You know the famous story The Three Little Pigs! Well, if you had the chance to build a house for one of the little pigs, could you make it withstand the blow of the “big bad wolf?” Sign up to create your own Three Little Pigs House with the kindergarten teachers and test your engineering skills!

Ozobots and Beebots: Robots are very cool and we have some for the youngest students! Come and play with Ozobots and Beebots and learn how much fun programming can be! Send the Ozobots on a colorful trail while students can program the Beebots to go through a maze!

Dash & Dot Robots: Dash & Dot robots respond to voice, navigate objects, dances, and sings! Use apps to create new behaviors for Dash, using a language similar to Scratch, making learning about robot commands easily and fun! Drawing a route on the tablet or smartphone and send Dash on a journey around the room with their code. Students problem solve through various challenges experiencing all the robots have to offer.

LittleBits: littleBits provides an easy entry for learning about circuits, electricity and inventing! With littleBits, students use their technology and art skills to create unique electronic projects and inventions that further inspire them to design, build and test! Join this class to get excited about STEAM and master inventing with electronics!

MagLev Trains: View the exciting properties of magnetism and aerodynamics by creating your own maglev train car to race down a maglev track! Maglev trains use magnets to repel off the ground, providing low resistance and making trains travel at high speeds! Students build their own maglev car out of balsa wood, complete with magnets, motor and a fan, and race their car on our two lane track. Once past the finishing line students take home their creations to inspire further study.

Soldering: Solder is the actual material that holds together individual electronic wires to make a circuit complete and is critical to make all of the electronics around us work. Anyone can learn how to solder! In this exciting session, students use a soldering iron, solder, a circuit board, LEDs and a battery to build a robot badge that lights up and blinks. Students get to keep this awesome pin to show off their soldering skills!

Army Launchers: Sir Isaac Newton was a 17th century scientist who published his 3 laws of motion in 1687–that’s 329 years ago! Come learn about his 3 laws of motion as you create your very own army man launcher using simple everyday objects.

iPad Band: 5th grade students and their parents will get to be a part of an orchestra – an iPad orchestra!!! Students and parents will learn how to use the app Garageband to play a familiar song in harmony. Don’t forget to bring your charged iPad for a fun-filled session of great music making!

3D Body Scan: Today’s version of a photo – a three dimensional file of you and your family! Get scanned into a 3D file able to be viewed on smart devices and printed on a 3D Printer!

Fee for scan $20. Printed figure $40-$60.

Terrariums: Build a terrarium: Create your own small-scale water cycle by combining, water, pebbles, dirt, carbon and seeds. Watch your plant grow in its very own self-contained environment.

Probability Passageway: Pop over to Probablility Passageway (third grade hallway) to roll the dice. We will be recording results to determine probability of numbers. Snake eyes, anyone?

Green Screen Photos: Have you ever wanted to get a picture of yourself escaping from the jaws of a great white shark or celebrating at the top of Mt. Everest? Now is your chance to do so from the comfort and safety of Cos Cob School! Come to the green screen area in the gym and get your green screen picture! (Digital file can be emailed.)

Jump into Geometry: Jump into Geometry with Second Grade! Have fun creating a variety of polygons including; triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons using rubber bands on an old fashioned geoboard and on your child’s iPad with the new geoboard app! Use smaller polygons to create larger polygons using TANGRAMS! Partition rectangles into rows and columns of same size squares on both types of geoboards!

Web Bonds: In this game, two players take turns to roll the dice and write numbers in open circles. The goal of the game is for each player to form number bonds or fact circles with three adjacent numbers. When a player forms a number bond or facts circle, they initial inside the triangle. The players then count their initials and whoever has the most points wins the game.

Mathnasium: Have fun developing math skills and strategic thinking through playing games. Playing games with numbers helps develop number sense, which is based on counting, proportional thinking and wholes and parts. With number sense one can reason out problems and find the easiest way to solve them. No more drills and memorization or using complicated algorithms, and much more fun!


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