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FI-EditorialWith less than three weeks to go until Election Day, the tight race for governor is only going to get more intense. But as the issues get muddied, the choice becomes all the more clear. Gov. Dannel Malloy continues to be the best person for the job.

Over the past four years, things haven’t been easy in Connecticut, where the 2008 economic collapse was felt in every community. But things are getting better, thanks to the leadership of Mr. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, a genuine team that deserves the endorsement of another four years on the job. They were the right team in 2010, when Mr. Malloy won by the most narrow of margins, and the past four years have shown Connecticut made the right choice.

It’s time to make that choice again on Nov. 4 and vote for Mr. Malloy and Ms. Wyman. We have all witnessed the terrible crises of the past four years, from the impact of Hurricane Sandy to the unfathomable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Every time, Mr. Malloy has been the steady leader we’ve needed. With more work ahead to lift the state’s economy, he and Ms. Wyman are the ones who deserve the chance to do it right.

Mr. Malloy’s response to the massacre in Newtown revealed his true character. While other politicians in this country ran away, lest they be criticized by the NRA, Mr. Malloy was the leader of a Connecticut delegation that stood tall. The result? The needed reform of our gun laws was done — not in a rushed, emotional way but through bipartisan work and careful design that has withstood court challenges and made Connecticut a safer state.

It’s not just the big events that have shown Mr. Malloy’s worth. It’s in how he led the way in creating a health care exchange that is the model of the nation, making what were good policies in Connecticut even better. And while economic development remains a serious challenge, jobs are coming back and the economy is finally getting some traction. Clearly more must be done, but Mr. Malloy has us on the right path.

Republican challenger Tom Foley, a Greenwich resident, has not held back when it comes to venting his many discontents during this campaign. Unfortunately, just as he was four years ago, he is light on specifics. He has told us a lot about why we shouldn’t elect Dan Malloy again, but along the way he forgot to mention why we should elect him instead. “I am not Dan Malloy” is not a winning campaign strategy when there is so much yet to be accomplished in this state.

Putting aside the plagiarism charges, there is little to Mr. Foley’s plans. They speak in generalities when we need real ideas. When you add this to Mr. Foley willingness to cozy up to far-right groups like the gun-hugging Connecticut Citizens Defense League and the gay-hating Connecticut Family Institute, you have to wonder if he would simply parrot any idea he thought would close the gap that kept him from victory in 2010.

Connecticut Republicans brought this on themselves. They had the chance to nominate state Sen. John McKinney, a candidate of substance and vision as well as a proven legislator. But just as in the twin disasters of the Linda McMahon candidacies, the GOP went for the big money and made the wrong choice. Mr. McKinney would have been a viable alternative to Mr. Malloy; Mr. Foley is not.

The choice in 2014 is as clear as it was in 2010. Dannel Malloy deserves to lead this state into better times ahead.

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