Aspiring star Victoria Martini turns to Greenwich fitness guru to live her dream

When you’re trying to break into an industry that chews people up and spits them out without hesitation, the truth is it’s not enough to have the talent of a star. You have to look like a star, too.

Victoria Martini has come to America from her native Germany with big dreams of stardom in music. But a powerful voice and a strong sense of commitment and dedication to making her dreams a reality is not enough, and she knows it. She also has to be in peak physical condition to not only look like a star but have strength and confidence, too.

That’s where Greenwich’s Mike Pernice comes in. A personal trainer and fitness guru for decades in town, Mr. Pernice has spent a lot of time working people’s bodies into shape, from the highest of corporate executives to the most physically fit of celebrities to the average person on the street. Now he is helping Ms. Martini try and make her dreams come true by getting her body as strong as her spirit.

Ms. Martini says her musical style is influenced by superstars like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera as well as the pop, top 40 and dance music she grew up with. She also professes a deep love for Celine Dion and said their “big voices” really appeal to her. But just because she is influenced by them doesn’t mean she wants to be identical to them.

“My music is inspired by all the artists I grew up listening to, but my dream is to always make something new and do something different,” Ms. Martini said. “I don’t want to be limited to just one genre. I want to be versatile. People ask me, ‘What genre is Victoria Martini?’ and I can’t answer them because Victoria Martini’s music is everything combined. That’s why I came to America to pursue my music. You’re allowed to cross over genres. It’s OK to try new things. You can do a rock song one day and then a dance song the next day.”

You can hear that for yourself by checking out her official You Tube page at where her newest song Habibi (My Love) is available. She is releasing her EP in August and hopes to have her complete debut album released on her birthday on Dec. 15. She is also looking at a fall tour as her career really revs up.

“A lot of great things are happening and that’s why I need Mike,” Ms. Martini said, crediting Mr. Pernice with shaping her physically and mentally. “Every great star has an amazing personal trainer who keeps them in shape, keeps them grounded and really focused on the big picture. People might think that having a personal trainer is not all that important, but it really is because singing is like working out. You have to always practice. You have to always focus and work hard. Having a great personal trainer is just as important as having a great vocal coach.”

Unlike people who come looking for celebrity with stars in their eyes and a distinct disconnect with reality, Ms. Martini knows she is facing a challenge when trying to break into the music industry. But that doesn’t phase her. As someone who can speak five languages fluently, including English with only the barest hint of an accent, and is studying three more, she is not afraid of hard work and commits herself fully to what she wants to achieve.

“Anything that comes your way, whether it’s good or bad, you have to look at as a learning experience,” Ms. Martini said. “No matter what, you can never give up on your dreams. If you really believe in yourself, it will come true.”

That kind of commitment is what drew her to Mr. Pernice and his record of physical fitness success.

“It inspires me that he always believes in people,” Ms. Martini said. “He always helps people become better. That’s why I decided to work with him. Having someone not only great at working out and helping you with nutrition but who also believes in you as much as you believe in them is the perfect match.”

Mr. Pernice has worked a long time to build that reputation not just in town but throughout the greater area, and he knows it’s not something to coast on.

“To build a reputation like that you can’t let people down,” Mr. Pernice said. “It’s a pressure that I welcome because I love what I do and you work that much harder to not let someone down who has put a lot of stock into your abilities and experiences.”

Everyone is different and the kind of workout regimen that someone like Ms. Martini needs is different than the kind of Greenwich clients who work with Mr. Pernice get early in the morning before heading to work on Wall Street. Mr. Pernice knows this better than anyone and he’s focused on increasing Ms. Martini’s stamina and endurance for her singing and dancing on stage. He models workouts for every client’s needs and body, and Ms. Martini is thrilled with the results of her work with him, saying she not only looks great, but feels it, too.

“Mike can be an inspiration to anyone, not just a singer, but to anyone who wants to eat healthy and stay in shape,” Ms. Martini said.

More information about Ms. Martini and her music is available at, and Mr. Pernice may be found online at


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