Malloy’s math is hurting Connecticut and it’s time for change

Greenwich-Voices-DadakisGov. Dan Malloy is one lucky guy. Imagine if our embattled governor were Pinocchio. How long would his nose be?

Fortunately he’s not Pinocchio so his nose is the same size as when he was elected. I don’t believe the governor isn’t truthful but then the only other answer is incompetence. You see, under his leadership Connecticut lost $500 million of revenue in just four months.

As 2014 dawned our esteemed governor and his administration, who I’ve nicknamed the “Gimmick Kings,” declared their strategy of enormously higher taxes (much paid by Greenwich citizens) and continued out-of-control spending which resulted in fiscally desperate Connecticut having a $500-million surplus.

Immediately Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley spoke the truth. After all, Foley has effectively managed both companies and governments. He declared it a “phony election year surplus.” Naturally, Malloy’s administration scoffed at Foley’s truthfulness while taking a cheap shot at the candidate. But of course it turned out Foley knew what he was talking about.

Facing a tough re-election with poll numbers plummeting, Malloy immediately set about spreading around a big chunk of that $500 million to his special constituents. He should have known the surplus was a mirage yet he decided to make promises to his core supporters hoping they would be grateful they were given something and support his re-election.

Out from his bag of goodies emerged a tax break on retired teachers’ pensions. Not for all of us, mind you, just teachers, a core Democratic and Malloy constituency. His lame reasoning was along the lines that they don’t get Social Security. But they also don’t pay into Social Security.

Malloy continued to rummage in that golden goodie bag and pulled out, wow, a $55 tax rebate promised to all citizens who paid little or even no taxes. The despised rich, however, who Malloy and his Democrats demonize regularly, would get nothing despite the fact they funded the government.

Malloy found other gifts for his favored constituents paid by the taxpayers of Connecticut. But then just as the governor was preparing to slam his goodies through the super-sized Democratic majority General Assembly, poof, the surplus disappeared. No explanation provided. Oops we made a mistake.

Malloy math has been nothing but a big mistake for Connecticut. After four years of Malloy, Connecticut finds itself at the bottom of most economic success measures. Connecticut’s in the bottom six states for job creation (per Gallop’s job creation index). Connecticut’s debt situation is rated worst in the nation (per Barron’s). Connecticut is ranked the worst state for retirement (per TopRetirement’ Connecticut’s credit quality is ranked 50th nationally (per State of the State’s Municipal Credit report). The Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors gave Dan Malloy an “F” (per Cato Institute).

I could go on and on but you get the idea.

So what does our governor do?  Take responsibility? Assert leadership? Make changes? Of course not.

He embraces the Obama strategy of blaming the predecessor. In his re-election announcement Malloy blamed the prior Republican governor. But what Malloy ignores is that Democrats controlled the General Assembly for decades with massive majorities. Connecticut’s economic results are directly due to Democratic incompetence.

During much of Republican Gov. Rell’s tenure her hands were tied with a veto proof Democratic legislative majority. It was that type of majority in Washington which gave us Obamacare. Democrats will claim they never overrode her veto and that’s true. However no governor would let themselves to be so marginalized by allowing such an override to occur.

So Rell was forced to go along with the Democrats, they got their way and now they own Connecticut’s economy.

Connecticut’s finances are a mess. It’s time for a change.


Ed Dadakis is former chairman of the Republican Town Committee and has spent more than 30 years serving on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). He may be reached at [email protected]

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