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Last April, following the senseless slaughter of 26 children and educators at Sandy Hook, our state delegation took a courageous action. They voted “yes” in a bipartisan effort to strengthen Connecticut’s gun laws with common-sense measures that make our communities safer.

They faithfully represented the overwhelming majority of Connecticut voters who supported an expanded assault weapon ban, a ban on large-capacity magazines and permit requirements for ammunition purchases. They did this while respecting Second Amendment rights, as confirmed by a federal court decision upholding the constitutionality of the law.

Nonetheless, gun rights absolutists are holding a rally at the Capitol to protest the law. They are demanding that SB 1160, which they call “one of the most unconstitutional gun laws in the nation,” be enforced or repealed, warning that “state-provoked chaos and violence will be required to enforce the anti-gun laws.”

Rally organizer Connecticut Citizens Defense League is encouraging supporters to attend the rally carrying handguns while simultaneously calling it “family friendly.”  The keynote speaker, David Codrea, who is widely published in national gun magazines, claims that gun violence prevention organizations “lack grassroots support.”  But that’s simply not true.

Today the Greenwich Council Against Gun Violence is joining a coalition of 20 gun violence prevention organizations from around the state for a press conference at the Capitol. We want legislators who voted for the reforms to know that thousands throughout Connecticut applaud their vote, and will stand by them.

By a margin of 57% to 39%, voters support the stricter gun regulations passed last year, as reported in a just-released Quinnipiac poll.

The opposition is motivated. The NRA’s Connecticut liaison is urging supporters to “get rid of the folks that were true enemies.”  If you believe such measures as registering ultra-lethal weapons are reasonable, please call your state representative this Friday morning on the anniversary of the historic legislation to express your support.

We must reassure legislators that we are not going away and our numbers greatly surpass those of the opposition.


Jonathan Perloe

 The author is a member of the Greenwich Council Against Gun Violence.

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  • Andrew Malik

    You know what amuses me? That folks like Jonathan Perloe replaced “gun control” with “common sense gun laws”. What a remarkable play on words! He’s in lock step with Moms Demand Action and all those other anti-second amendment groups.

    A. It implies that those against them must not have “common sense”
    B. They realized that “gun control” hasn’t worked for them so they needed a new label

    FBI statistics show year after year that rifles of ALL kinds, not just semi-automatics are used in LESS THAN 3% of all gun crime in the United States. What people who dislike guns label as an “assault rifle” is actually used in less than 2% of all gun crime. So, then the question becomes, “How much safer are our communities from these ‘assault rifles’ that were banned last April?” (whispers) Less than 2%.

    Wow! GREAT JOB!!! *slow clap*

  • whubbard

    There is no “common-sense” with this legislation, nor was there in 1994. The people who wrote these laws barely understood what they were legislating and while I believe they were acting in what they thought was good intentions, they were too misinformed to properly do so. If anything it’s sad to to watch people think they created so much “change” when in reality they did nothing but irritate gun owners.

    All I can hope is that people will take the time to educate themselves on firearms (not by looking at pictures on the internet) and then we can all come to the table and try to find real solutions – not cosmetic ones.

  • Robin.H.

    Common sense? A rifle manufactured on the 12th day of September in 1994 is legal but the same make and model rifle made the next day is illegal.
    The sad fact is Connecticut lawmakers were, presented with a bill they never read, had no public hearing on, and within hour pass it into law. That is nothing less than scary and shameful that our representatives did that. That is not the representation I would want for anyone. Last April there was 12,926 documented firearms in Greenwich. I wonder how many Greenwich residents are now felons and don’t even know it because they failed to comply with these complex ‘common sense’ laws.
    If you want to run billboard ads endorsing your candidates, I thank you because now I will know who Not to vote for.

  • jorge

    I love how the gun-control creeps always say, “stood up for”. By saying, “stood up for” they are implying that they back laws that are against our Constitution, freedoms, liberties, human rights and the people. I believe there is a word for politicians who “stand up” against their sworn oath to uphold our Constitution and to protect our freedoms, liberties, human rights and the people. What was it, again? Oh yes, I remember now… TREASON!!!!

  • scullmaster

    Common sense is not something that politicians can sign into law! These new cute laws in Connecticut do NOTHING to make you safer except strip people of their rights and ability to remain a Free People.

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